Stormy weather at sea | With us, you will benefit from comprehensive risk management that goes far beyond the norm in the industry!


One of Germany’s leading experts for complex transport and maritime risks

Authorities of 28 companies

As an underwriting agency, we are currently authorised to write on behalf of 28 internationally renowned and primarily A-rated companies. Therefore, we are in a prime position to provide exceptional resources and highly specialised insurance concepts.

A group comprising of 90 professionals

You will have Access to our experienced engineers, sea captains, insurance professionals and security experts. You will profit immensely from a concentration of know-how that you will not find anywhere else. Perfect insurance solutions for complex risks from a single provider!

Service and troubleshooting

You will benefit from comprehensive risk management that goes far beyond the norm in the industry: Our experts are where they are needed — even in remote ports, on the transport routes, and at the production facilities around the world. An overview of their activities on site is provided in the references section.

+++ The implications of the Ukraine conflict on international marine insurance +++

It is with shock and disbelief we follow the current developments in Ukraine. Our thoughts at Lampe & Schwartze Marine Underwriting are with the people in Ukraine.

Sadly, this humanitarian tragedy also has a massive economic impact on international trade, transport, and logistics networks in our global world.

As an internationally active provider of insurance for global marine risks, we are constantly observing developments on this situation. We are therefore available, at any time, to support and advise all our clients and partners in this difficult time, to provide immediate assistance and avert any potential losses.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual Lampe & Schwartze contact.

Across All Seven Continents
Our Continental Coverage

Rolling stock 3%
Livestock 3%
Hightech goods/
General Cargo
Agricultural commodities (30%)
Materials (15%)
Rail-borne vehicles (3%)
Livestock (3%)
Hightech/constructions (5%)
Consumer goods (15%)
General cargo (29%)

Across the seven
Our maritime coverage

Bulk Carrier
General Cargo
Passenger 2%
Other (40%)
Container (12%)
Tanker (11%)
Bulk Carrier (7%)
General Cargo (28%)
Passenger (2%)

Risk management and troubleshooting
Our experts are deployed around the world

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A-rated, operating around the globe:
Abstract of our partner companies